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Almost synonymous with Accountant is the term Bean Counter! Whether or not intended as a humorous portrayal of those who maintain a company's financial records the absolute fact is that such a person's position is critical to businesses of all sizes, no matter what the product or service rendered to its customers. All business entities have this much in common. Someone must be responsible to track income and expenses, know how much money is currently in the bank and be able to tell if the company is making a profit; information that not only an owner and lender wants to know, but the Internal Revenue Service demands to know every year. Companies can either maintain this information with their own internal staff or contract a third-party to do it for them.

Our message is to those who are either maintaining their own financial records now, or are thinking about moving it in-house. It is certainly not our desire to put accounting service firms out of business but rather to provide the means for their clients to do the everyday "stuff" themselves while still relying on the services of a wise and skilled accounting professional to help interpret periodic reports (Income Statements, Balance Sheets, etc.), make suggestions regarding virtually anything financial, and do the company's tax preparation. To that end, we offer our products and services.

Although all companies can, and ought to, make use of Accounting Software their specific needs are certainly not the same. On the smallest scale with the simplest of needs products like Quickbooks will probably do the job. From there, moving up the bells and whistles ladder more powerful programs like Sage Pro Series offer far reaching features that are hard to outgrow.

However, we have found that many companies often have one or more unique aspects to their operation which make it difficult for them to fit into a standard off-the-shelf accounting program. Not being aware of alternatives, they might either change their business to somehow meet the requirements/limitations of the program they are using, or throw up their hands in defeat and say there is nothing out there that will work for them. Both responses are disappointing and unnecessary. This is where we come in.

We have access to accounting software programs which will meet almost every need that a company has, BUT which can also be modified and/or added to in order to meet each area of specific requirement(s), thus leaving the present way of doing business in tact and therefore providing the highest level of productivity and satisfaction.

With the above information in mind, the next step is for you to allow us to provide you with a no-charge needs assessment in order to evaluate what you are currently doing, how you are doing it and what can be offered to make your business operate more smoothly. We will listen to you, make notes and return with a workable plan of action to accomplish your goals.

Our desire is to be of service to you any way we can. Contact us today and let's get started!



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Accounting Software Solutions